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    Keep it Salty Life — balance

    Picking up the Fight to Balance Stay-at-Home Business and Growing Family

    Picking up the Fight to Balance Stay-at-Home Business and Growing Family

    I just had a “come to Jesus” realization. My sales aren’t losing traction recently because everyone spent all of their money on vacation, or everyone is preoccupied with getting kids off to start their school year, or any other possible outside influence that I can conjure. Though, there are tremendous outside influences that affect sales, for sure, my business is struggling more because of, well, me.

    This past May, while in my first trimester of pregnancy, I came down with pneumonia. It was sort of devastating for me. I had been diligently, persistently, consistently, sacrificially working on my Christian apparel business for about 18 months when I got sick. Every day I spent a good amount of time and energy focused on how to move my business forward. Every Day. Even on Thanksgiving Day, to my husband’s great frustration and disapproval, I spent several hours working on clearancing some of my trucker hats to make them attractive for Holiday shoppers. I worked like this because everything was urgent, I was always behind, and I was constantly about to miss out on an opportunity to move the needle forward.

    Then, all of the stress, early mornings, late nights and just overall lack of balance caught up with me and took me out of the game, almost completely. (Even at my worst I still fulfilled orders as they came in.) Since then, even after recovering, I haven’t recovered my focus and determination. I was able to convince myself that taking it slow for this season would be okay, because after barely working half of May and all of June, my sales in June were incredible. But, when they started dropping off in July, I still didn’t make the connection with my productivity. My sales last summer dropped off a bit as well, so I thought it was just a part of my business cycle.

    My “come to Jesus” moment just finally happened now because I actually pulled up my sales history from last summer and the drop-off in my sales from last year was much less significant compared to what’s occurring now. Wow! Yikes! Hello!

    The thing is, I have to contribute to my family income. I have to. So, if it’s not TastySalt® that forces me to balance family and work, it’ll be something else.

    I LOVE TastySalt®. It has been such a gift. It’s provided me the opportunity to use the gifting God has blessed me with. I’ve been growing so much in knowledge and ability as the business requires it of me. I get to point to the incredible love Jesus has for every single one of us through what I make and sell. I am so blessed to give back a portion of sales to Outside the Bowl, a beautiful organization that fulfills Jesus’ command to feed the hungry both in body and in soul. And, hopefully I’m providing an example for my girls to always know that hard-work and persistence pay off.

    I want TastySalt® to succeed. I want my business to be able to contribute enough to my family’s income that we are able to experience financial security and freedom. That’s my goal.

    Recently, my three year old’s sleep habits have changed so that she’s been waking up about two hours earlier. And, at the same time I’ve been trying to take care of my pregnant self by sleeping in an hour later. My early morning chunk of work time has vanished. With my bootstrapped business, we’re not able to afford part-time childcare for her. Trying to find a new rhythm and schedule that works for us during this season has been difficult. But, I need to fight harder to find it. I don’t ever want to go back to the anxiety ridden, stress-filled lack of balance I had before. But, yeah, since I have to work and to contribute to my family’s bottom line, of course I want TastySalt® to be my work-at-home career, not just a hobby on the side.

    Knowledge is power, right? So, now that I know that my sales have dropped in large part because of me, I will start taking more responsibility for the blessing God has given me in TastySalt® and fight harder to achieve the right balance to make it and my family thrive. Oh, yeah, and I have another baby coming in about four months…. Wow! Yikes! Hello!